Ep 132: NEPA Pizza Review – Jim Mirabelli

The Popko Project
The Popko Project
Ep 132: NEPA Pizza Review - Jim Mirabelli

Episode 132 of The Popko Project Podcast features Jim Mirabelli, better known as NEPA Pizza Review. Brought to you by Keller’s Garden Center/Keller’s Lawn Care And Landscaping Services LLC, Ionic Development, The V-Spot Bar in Scranton, Axelrad Screen Printing, and Paulson Tours Inc.

Jim is back on the podcast to talk about how his channel has grown over the last couple years. We talk about testing out pizza ovens for at home pizza cooking, his favorite being the Gozney Roccbox, his partnership with the Weekender, appearances at Bar Pazzo for Big Monday Pizza March Madness and his recent collab with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

Jim not only gives great and thorough reviews of pizza, but his website also provides a pizza map, product reviews, recipes, and more!

We also touch on the new pizza/food reviewer in town, DiMattia’s Food Fight. Are they friends? Are they enemies? Can they co-exist? Watch or listen on your favorite platform to find out!

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