Ep 20: Weekender Files – Katie Borkowski

The Popko Project
The Popko Project
Ep 20: Weekender Files - Katie Borkowski

Welcome to episode 20 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by Katie Borkowski (aka Katie Gross during the Weekender days) who served as an account executive for the Weekender from 2005-2007.

For those of you who don’t know, the Weekender back in the day was THE BIBLE when it came to arts and entertainment in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

We talk about the fun we had at the Weekender while she was there, some of her favorite memories, the next chapter of her career at Mohegan Sun Casino in Wilkes-Barre, the affects the pandemic has had on that job as well as the small business that she and her husband have, and more.

Katie and I would butt heads while at the Weekender but we figured out the reason behind that was our strong personalities and both of us needing to have the last word. But like most of our Weekender relationships, we were like brother and sister. And like all of these interviews, it was great catching up with her and hearing about where her life is today, especially as a wife and mother.

These episodes dubbed “Weekender Files” take a look back at past employees reflecting on how they started at the Weekender, what the Weekender meant to them, memories, the ups, the downs and where they are today.

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