Ep 22: Weekender Files – Matt Morgis

The Popko Project
Ep 22: Weekender Files - Matt Morgis

Welcome to episode 22 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by Matt Morgis, the YOUNGEST intern in Weekender history. Some could say he accomplished more as an intern than some of us full time players did.

We talk about how and why he started an internship at the Weekender when he wasn’t even finished with high school yet. We also get into some of the experiences he had while he was there which included interviewing Lewis Black and a member of Train, organizing a charity event with the band Quietdrive, Weekender Sessions, what he’s up to today, and more.

These episodes dubbed “Weekender Files” take a look back at past employees reflecting on how they started at the Weekender, what the Weekender meant to them, memories, the ups, the downs and where they are today.

Available on all major platforms 2/24/21 – https://linktr.ee/thepopkoproject

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