Ep 26: Ben Travers

The Popko Project
Ep 26: Ben Travers

Welcome to episode 26 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by Ben Travers. Ben is the owner and engineer at Astrology Days in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Some people may know him from his time at the River Street Jazz Cafe, a top notch music venue in Plains, Pennsylvania. Others may know him as the monitor engineer and drum tech for the band Twiddle and also the drum/percussion and keyboard tech for Mike Gordon, who by the way, is a founding member of the band Phish. And finally, Ben also serves as the front of house engineer for the band Cabinet.

We talk about his life the past year and what he’s been doing with Astrology Days to keep himself buys as well as provide a space to keep bands creative as well as raising money for great causes.

Welcome to the show, Ben Travers.

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