Ep 29: Weekender Files – Damion Pick

The Popko Project
The Popko Project
Ep 29: Weekender Files - Damion Pick

Welcome to episode 29 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by Damion Pick who served as the graphic designer for the Weekender from 2004-2006.

For those of you who don’t know, the Weekender back in the day was THE BIBLE when it came to arts and entertainment in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

Not only was Damion a talented designer who brought a lot of great ideas to the Weekender, he also served as a sounding board for a lot of us who worked there when he did. I know I myself viewed him as the older brother I never had when I started, and like many of us, I was devestated when he told me he accepted a new job and was leaving in 2006.

From in office shennanigans to St. Patrick’s Day parade parties, we cover his time at the Weekender and what he’s up to today.
This was the first time I had a chance to speak with him for more than 5 minutes since he left the Weekender in 2006.

These episodes dubbed “Weekender Files” take a look back at past employees reflecting on how they started at the Weekender, what the Weekender meant to them, memories, the ups, the downs and where they are today.

Welcome to the show, Damion Pick.

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