Ep 31: Weekender Files – Kieran Inglis and Rob Nitkowski

The Popko Project
The Popko Project
Ep 31: Weekender Files - Kieran Inglis and Rob Nitkowski

Welcome to episode 31 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by not one, but TWO, iconic members of the Weekender family.

Kieran Inglis who served as an account executive from 2011-2013 and Rob Nitkowski who was crowned the 2011/2012 Weekender Man of the Year. For those of you who don’t know, the Weekender back in the day was THE BIBLE when it came to arts and entertainment in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

We had a really great time going through Weekender memories including the time that Kieran came back to the office completely drenched after a sales call, bowls of cabbage at a massage parlor, and of course the model of the year party where Rob was named man of the year and all the fame and fortune that came along with that special honor.

We also get into what they are up to today and some of the philanthropic efforts that their group of friends continue to make.

Always a good time talking to good people.

Welcome to the show Kieran Inglis and Rob Nitkowski

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