Ep 82: Variant Season

The Popko Project
Ep 82: Variant Season

In episode 82 of The Popko Project podcast I’m joined by Will Perna of the band Variant Season.

We talk about how the band got together including J.T. Thomas (Doubting Thoma$), Dan McDonald (Behind the Grey), and Mark Yanish (Graces Downfall, Doubting Thomas, Mr. Jones and Me), the meaning behind the name which, believe it or not, has nothing to do with Covid, what it’s like creating music in a band with it’s members in various areas and the band’s first live show at The V-Spot Bar in Scranton on June 4th.

In addition to Variant Season, Will and I get into why Behind the Grey disbanded, falling in love, which is why Will currently resides in New Jersey, my recent audition for a reality tv show, and just life in general.
Be sure to stream Variant Season’s new single “Dragged Under” available everywhere you stream music.

Welcome to the show, Will Perna.

Since recording this episode, Will proposed to the girl mentioned during this interview. We’d just like to say congrats and best of luck!

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