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In episode 59 of The Popko Project podcast I sit down with Mike and Colton of the band The Break Plans from New Jersey. In this episode we talk about their new single “Sad Sometimes” which is availalbe streaming everywhere right now. We also get it into how these two met which was on Craigslist […]

In episode 58 of The Popko Project podcast I sit down with Mike Bay of the band Borrowed Sparks from Nashville, TN. In this episode I talk to Mike about his album, The Prettiest One Left, which is streaming everywhere as well as the upcoming release of a Tom Petty cover song called “Refugee” due […]

In episode 57 of The Popko Project podcast, I sit down with Aaron Bruch, bass player and backing vocalist for the rock band Breaking Benjamin. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Aaron and calling him a friend of mine for over 15 years. I’ve seen him perform solo gigs throughout Northeastern, Pennsylvania and in bands […]

Our first news appearance to discuss The Popko Project and “Shirts for the Scene” came on PA Live with Haley Bianco. Thanks for helping us kick things off!

Kevin Hayes and the team at WBRE were one of the first to help us get the word out and we are forever grateful. Click here to see story Purchase a shirt and support our local scene here

Welcome to episode 56 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by the prince of darkness, the strangest of the strange, the weirdest of the weird, Josh Balz. And what better time to have Josh on that the spooky season that is October. We get into everything. His time in Motionless In White and […]

September 16, 2021

Welcome to episode 53 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by the band, Retrovai. Retrovai is a band from Northeastern Pennsylvania who just recently released their first EP called No Longer, Not Yet which you can check out on all the streaming services. We talk about the EP, the. meaning behing some of […]

Welcome to episode 47 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by Nate Williams (Nate Will). We talk about his upcoming rap battles, why he went from creating his own music to sticking with creating beats for other artists, how he got his name and why he’s the biggest nerd in rap. Check out […]

Welcome to episode 46 of The Popko Project podcast where I’m joined by Eyal Filkovsky, founder of the music contest called The Big Break. The Big Break is a FREE contest for musicians in Pennsylvania where the winning band gets a free produced music video, track recording, photo shoot, and more (visit We talk […]

Welcome to episode 45 of The Popko Project where I’m joined by Gus Thè Savàge. Originally from the Bronx, Gus has called Northeastern, Pennsylvania home for the last 5 years. He has been in the rap game for the last 10 years and has won a few awards for his efforts courtesy of the Steamtown […]

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